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Subject - Ailing Hospitals


Kindly allow me a space in your esteemed daily to attract the Govt. attention in respect of the wretched condition of the Govt. hospitals. The health care available in the Govt. hospital is shockingly poor. The hospital physicians who are supposed to attend the outdoor departments are mostly out on professional calls neglecting their hospital duties for which they are paid and pledged. Patients from far-off places are compelled to wait indefinitely for the absent doctors or return home disappointed. Life-saving drugs are seldom found in hospitals. The foodstuffs supplied to the patients is poor in quality and often inedible. The cleanliness of the hospitals is horrible. Blood cr saline or Oxygen is of course, available only at black-market rates. Patient's complaints against these internal conditions are always ignored by the higher authorities and the Government as well. 

It is high time that the Govt. should take drastic measures in the interest of the wretched patients. 

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