Write a Paragraph on Corruption



Our society is a victim of corruption nowadays. Corruptive practices are visible throughout the world. All departments of administration in a country are getting corrupted. In a democratic country, it is expected that the Government will act for the welfare of all the citizens of the country but the performance of the government gets hampered on account of corruption. Accordingly, the benefits of any welfare project don't reach the people for whom those are intended. 

If any official provides undue favor to a person in exchange for a bribe in cash or kind this nature of the act is known as an act of corruption. Often a person is favored against the provisions of law. Therefore it is clear that corruption gives rise to unlawful activities also. Fraudulent suppliers can manage to supply non-standard materials to different projects only by bribing the proper person. biased judgments may be passed in a court in exchange for bribes. Tax can be evaded by way of paying unaccounted money to an officer. Substandard weapons can be purchased by the defense department if the bribe is paid properly.

Foodgrains supposed to be sold from public distribution centers may be sold in the open market at a high price if the hush-money is paid secretly. 

Fabricated stamp-papers can be sold by unscrupulous persons if they know how to influence some highly-posted persons by way of payment of a large sum of money. In this way, those persons earn huge profits and remain safe. Banks and financial institutions are also susceptible to corruption. A person may take out a large sum of money as a loan by way of producing fabricated documents if some employees are bribed. It's also possible in some cases for a person to get employment in a reputed concern by satisfying some workers or officers. A person who has good connections with influential persons can easily get the advantage of the corruptive practice and can gain immensely in the process. But ordinary citizens had to suffer. When the budget for a year is passed by the Government there is an expected return and income in respect of the finance. But there is always a huge gap between the projected or proposed earning and the actual earning. The deficit is directly related to corruption. A lot of money is received by some persons with vested interests. That money is always unaccounted for. So, the development of the country is stalled. 

So, ordinary persons must be conscious of the harmful effects of corruption. they must be inspired to stay away from the corruptive practice. If one doesn't give a bribe and never wants to take undue advantage it is possible to curb the menace of corruption. Corruption must disappear for the welfare of the country. 

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