Write an Essay on 'My Mother'

My Mother Essay

My Mother

People have a lot to say about their mother. But I have a few memories with my mother. Because when I am in primary school, my mother died. I am in my 12th class. Now I have lost many memories with my mother. But I always remember her, even in my dream.

I remember that day when for the first time I go the school and my mother stands near the school gate and she gives me a pen in my hand and said: "I will waiting for you." It was one of my most prominent and strong memory I never lose.

And the other memory is that day when I fall dawn on a sleepy road. I was cry. My mother said to me that "In your whole life you may fall for several times but never give up. Just stand and run again and again. Always do what you want to do in your life." That day I never understand the meaning of those lines. But today I deeply feel those lines and words are becomes true in my daily life.

I feel blessed today. I believe if there is god exists, it will my mother who always protects me from the outer world and its dangerous things. She does not exist today in this real world, but she exists in me, in my thought, in my mind and soul. I never forget her face, smile. I miss you, mom.

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