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Solid Waste

Solid Waste Management

Modern cities are burdened with the problem of managing the huge amount of solid waste. A thousand tonnes of waste material get produced each day. That waste is required to be disposed of off to preserve the cleanliness of the cities. The amount of garbage increases day by day and it has to be removed accordingly. The solid waste consists of household and industrial waste materials of all sorts and nature. Often toxic and harmful elements are included in those materials. E-waste or waste-related to the electronics world has become a part of solid waste. Those waste contain materials that can cause health hazards.

Usually, the waste materials are collected and dumped on some grounds in the outskirts of the cities.

The dumped material is often used as manure. But with the increase in the waste material, it is difficult to find a place to deposit all the waste products. So, people have been thinking to diminish the process of dumping the material. The waste materials can be recycled and be used for different useful purposes. The managing process of using the waste products again after proper treatment is known as waste management. The waste products can be processed to separate those from the impurities and harmful elements. It is important to note that valuable materials can be obtained from e-waste also. Most developed countries use the under-developed countries to deposit the e-waste. So, the e-waste must be treated properly. 

It is most important that energy in the form of heat and of electricity can be obtained from solid waste. The world is facing a crisis of shortage of fuel and therefore solid waste can become a source of fuel. Therefore solid waste management is extremely necessary to solve the problem of fuel crisis to a great extent.   

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