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Road Accident

My dear

Date:14 December 2020 

Yesterday I witnessed a ghastly accident when I was on my way to college. So far, I have not been an eye witness to any such accidents. But yesterday, I changed to see such an accident with my own eyes. It took place very near to our house. I was then in a shop on the Raja Subhodh Mallick Road. A state bus was running towards Garia. The driver overtook a rickshaw. But he faced a hand cart. He tried to avoid collision with the hand cart and swerved to the left and ran into a shop. It was not strongly built. It was totally demolished. In this accident, ten people were injured. the police came very soon. The ambulance also arrived very quickly and lifted the accident-stricken people into an ambulance and admitted them to the hospital; three persons and the rest were set free after first aid.

The bus driver was arrested. The accident occurred in a highly congested area. The road is not wide. There are few shops on both sides of the road. There is no pavement on either side. In the circumstances, the driver ought to drive their cars very carefully. I was standing on the right side of the road. If the car would swerve to the right, it might run into the shop in which I was sitting. So I thank my star that it did not happen. I feel for the innocent persons who had been injured and admitted to the hospital. May they come round soon. The horrible sight of the accident made me so much shocked that since then I could not eat or sleep properly. This still prevails over my mind like a nightmare.

No more to you. With love to you,

Yours ever,



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