Write a Letter to the Branch Manager of a bank for opening an account

Letter to the Branch Manager of a bank for opening an account


The Manager,

State Bank of India, 


[Bank Address]


From :

Your Address,



Subject - Opening an Account.


In respect with above it's hereby stated as follows:-

1. That your bank is one of the most popular banks in our area;

2. That I had to transact business with the bank often;

3. That often some persons want to pay me in a cheque, but I can't agree with them because I don't have any bank account in my name.

4. That of late I have received a cheque from a reputed concern and it is required to be encashed and so opening an account has become necessary.

5. That I think it is comfortable for me also to make any payment in the cheque.

6. That I also want to deposit my money in a safe and secured bank.

7. That I would like to invest my money in relation to some profitable scheme of your bank.

8. That I may take a loan against my deposit if required.

9. That after the introduction of the core-banking system the role of the bank has become more useful and beneficial.

10. That the inclusion of an ATM in the banking service had made it more interesting to us. 

In the light of the aforesaid facts, your kind self is hereby requested to direct your concerned department to permit me to open an account in your bank. 

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

Your Name

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