Write a Letter to the Editor about the Rising Prices of Books

Letter Writing about rising prices of books


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Subject - Increase of prices of books to a great extent.


The prices of books are increasing speedily and it's a matter of great concern. If the prices keep on essential books. Whenever the prices of books are increased the students are affected. Many families are not economically well off. Therefore it is hard for those families to bear the cost of education of the students. Nowadays each year a student has to purchase quite a good number of books. They are required to buy several books for each subject. Reference books are also needed for scoring high marks. 

The general people also find it hard to buy books due to the continuous increase in the price of the books. Many persons purchase literary books. Students also need to buy extracurricular books for further development. Therefore the society is affected if the prices of books increase. 

There are various reasons for the increase in the prices of books. If the cost of publishing increases automatically the price of books will rise. 

But some businessmen may increase the price to earn huge profits. This unfair practice is not justified. It is hoped that all the businessmen will try to keep the price of books reasonable so that especially the students and other persons may afford to buy the necessary books. 

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