Write a Letter to the Post-Master about the Late Delivery of Letters and Documents

Complain for late delivery of Post Office


The Post-Master,

Gokul Post Office,


Subject: Late delivery of letters and documents


In connecting with the above it hereby stands as follows -

1. That I have been residing at the locality covered by your Post office for years;

2. That I have been transacting business with your office for long;

3. That my letters and other documents are supposed to be delivered from this post-office;

4. That many important letters, magazines, documents, bills, and others are sent by post to me and those articles are finally delivered to me letters this post office;

5. That I along with my family members have to suffer a lot of the letters and documents don't reach me in time;

6. That for some months the letters and documents are delivered to me after a long delay;

7. That some letters of the interview have not been received by me time and it was not possible to appear in those interviews;

8. That some bills could not be paid by me in time on account of delay in delivering the bills to me;

9. That I could not attend some important functions due to late arrival of letters.

10. That I have been subjected to mental trauma due to the late arrival of letters and other articles.

In view of the above-referred facts and circumstances, you are hereby requested to look into the matter and direct your concerned department to get my letters, documents, and other articles delivered to me within a reasonable period without any undue delay.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

K. Samual 


K. Samual

[Your Address]

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