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Date: 01 January 2020

Dear uncle,

                After getting admitted to my new college I could not communicate with you for some months. As a matter of fact, I was busy getting myself adjusted to the college atmosphere. It is generally noticed that when a student leaves the school and joins a college the student at first feels a kind of uneasiness and discomfort. I was no exception to that fact. But by and by I got accustomed to the college environment and began to like the college. I now want to give a short description of my college so that you can learn about the college and the goings-on here.

Our college provides many educational courses and the classes are taken in big airy classrooms having sufficient light. There is a cordial relation between the teachers and the students. The professors try to make their subject interesting to the students. The students get motivated to study their subject with much attention.

There are good modernized laboratories for the students to perform experiments. the professors guide the students efficiently in their activities. The students get involved in their work with enthusiasm.

The library is a special attraction to the students. Many reference books are there for the students to consult as necessary. The students are allowed to use the Internet also if required.

Computer education is provided to the students as a compulsory activity. They learn how to use modern computers. The students require to learn the use of computers in modern society. So, education is much beneficial for the students.

There is a course in communicative English also. The students can develop their skills in communication through the course. It is important to note that there are job-oriented and or vocational courses in the college. Students are free to choose any course they like. Students can learn jobs so that they can become self-confident. There are good common rooms for the students.

There is a big ground inside our college. Students take part in different games there. Anual sports are also arranged there. All the students love to take part in games and sports as they like.

I must mention the college fest which takes place once a year. Cultural functions are included in the festival. Moreover, debation, extempore, skit, antakshari, one-act play, recitation, music-competition are also made essential in the fest. Different colleges are invited to participate in the festival. All the students wait eagerly for this fest.

Students are permitted to discuss their problems with the Principal and the professors and they are always ready to solve their problems.

Proper discipline is also maintained here.

The environment of the college is conducive to the proper growth of any student. I also have friends who make the college more attractive to me.

I hope you are doing fine. Write to me soon. This is all for today.




Avona Axe


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