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A College-Fest

Annual functions of any college are referred to as College Fests. 'Fest' is a short form of a festival. In fact, the college atmosphere takes a festive mood on that occasion. Most of the students take part in the College Fest. They enjoy it very much. Often students of other colleges are invited to take an active part in the festival. I was invited by one of my friends to participate in the fest of his college.

The fest went on for three days. There were entertainments of various kinds and nature. Moreover, the competition section was much interesting to me. I believe that those competitions enhance the creativity of the students. Extra-curricular activities are no less important than academic studies and the students get an opportunity to develop themselves and show their skills by way of participation in those activities.

The first day was declared for recitation and Antakshari. I was an active participant in both the events and enjoyed those much. I recited a favorite poem and tried to sing a few lines in the other event. The next day the intercollege debating, extempore, and skill were held. I like constructive debating much. and I think the thought process becomes organized by way of taking an active role in debates. I represented my college in the debating competition. I tried to make my points clear and argued in a systematic manner. Then the extempore competition started. The presence of mind and the preparedness of a student can be tasted in that competition. I was awaiting the event and took part in it. I was given a topic which I least expected. But I tried my best to talk about that subject properly. I liked it very much. I also enjoyed the skit competition much. On the last day, the Quiz-competition was arranged. One famous Quiz-master was invited to conduct the Quiz. It was found that the participants were much prepared and they were able to give answers to almost all the questions. So the pattern of questions continued to become more and more difficult. The excitement began to rise. It was hard to find a clear winner. But finally one of the students became the winner. All of us enjoyed the competition much. The fest ended with the prize distribution ceremony and the address by the principal of the college. I felt overjoyed to take part in the fest.

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