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Food Problem in India

The Food Problem of India

There had been food problems in the country on several occasions. If food is not produced according to the expectation and the supply of food is much less than the demand, the food problem occurs. The scarcity of foods can rise to famine also if proper remedial actions are not resorted to. Floods, droughts, and unusual monsoons are the causes of low grain production. If the fields get flooded the crops are destroyed. If on account of drought the grains don't get the required water the crops don't grow. But the scarcity of food is not caused by nature alone. The man also plays a significant role to create food problems. It had been found that the worst kind of famine was the result of the most inhuman and thoughtless acts of man. If commercial crops are produced to a large extent and the cultivation of food crops is neglected, scarcity of food can't be avoided.

Unscrupulous traders often try to hoard the most essential food items in order to create an artificial food crisis. They know that if food is scarcely available the price will automatically soar high and they will be in a position to sell the hoarded food articles at a high profit. It is a kind of marketing that many businessmen run for some time in a year. The public distribution system had the duty to purchase the food crops from the farmers at a reasonable price and sell it at a less price to the impoverished people. A substantial quantity of food is stored for the rainy days also. thus if the food production becomes less, the food can be supplied from the store. The price of the food can be kept stabilized also. But often the public distribution system can't function properly and the food problem occurs. So, food has to be imported also to save the situation. Often the most essential food items are exported to other countries by unlawful traders. So, food becomes scarce and the price rises.

After the green revolution, the country was deemed to have become self-sufficient in food production. But food problem is still prevalent. Production of crops must get increased by resorting to a modernized system in agriculture inclusive of the use of high-yielding crops and proper irrigation. 

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