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A sanctuary is a wild habitat where the animals have nothing to fear. It is specially meant for animals. There are not many restrictions to the movements of the animals. But their area is protected from external influence. They are observed closely. Those animals have sufficient food. If they become sick specialized persons treat them as soon as possible. Sanctuaries are most important for the endangered species. Now poaching is a common Jungal life. Poachers and other persons are prevented from doing any harm to them. Wild animals love freedom and they like to enjoy their lives in the vast wildness and the forest. If they are confined to cages they have to suffer. The lively atmosphere of the sanctuaries is much healthy for those animals. When one sees the animals playing and running in the sanctuaries one can feel how much happy they can be in the natural environment.

Some sanctuaries are provided for birds also. Often migratory birds travel thousands of miles to get to their sanctuaries at a different country. Those birds wish to avoid the most severe cold of their countries and fly to warmer countries to stay there for the cold period. It's a treat to see those birds and listen to their voices. but the environmental pollution frequently forces them to leave their habitat.

Sanctuaries are found in many parts of the world. There are sanctuaries in Africa and European countries and Latin American countries. Our country also has sanctuaries. Some films have also been made about the lifestyle of the animals of the sanctuaries. those are much enjoyable. Animals are birds are an essential part of the eco-system. So they must be treated with care. So sanctuaries are much useful to animals, man, and the world.

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