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The Scenes at a Polling Booth

That year was fixed for the general election in the country. I get names included in the electoral roll. I get my identity card also from the election department. The dates for casting votes were announced and I waited anxiously to have the experience of voting for the first occasion in my life. On the scheduled date to cast cotes I took my food and started towards the local polling booth to exercise my franchise. After reaching the booth I found many queues in front of the doors of the booth. There were necessary security arrangements. The voting process was on and I waited for my turn. When my turn came I was allowed to enter the booth and I uttered my name to the polling personnel. I also provided the slip containing my name, ward no, name of the constitution, and electoral number to them. They verified my identity card also.

After the necessary scrutiny, my name was ticked in the register and I had to put my signature over a book also. Then my left thumb impression was collected by them. Afterwards, I was directed to a closed portion of the booth to cast my vote. I knew that electronic voting machines were introduced in the voting system. It was also made known to all the public that one had to press the proper button whether the process of casting the vote is completed properly or not. So, I entered the closed section and finding the machine pressed a certain button and heard the expected sound. I became certain that my voting was perfect and then I came out of the closed section and left the polli8ng booth.

Outside the booth, I saw that some persons were quarrelling at the top of their voices with some voters in a queue. The tension was going to be generated. But the security personnel intervened efficiently and peace was again restored. I became happy to cast my vote properly and felt that I could perform my duty as a citizen.

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