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Tolerance Essay Writing


Tolerance is a great virtue. If a person thinks of the interest of others and tries to fulfil some of their wishes as far as practicable the said person must be tolerant towards others. Nobody can be perfect in all respects. A man usually has brighter sides along with darker sides. One may not like all the traits of another person. But one can ignore the negative sides and disagreeable part of another's character and think in a sympathetic attitude. If good features of a p[erson are always highlighted and the person is inspired properly, it is possible that the said person may get transformed to a great extent. Tolerance can solve many problems. 

Most importantly peace and tranquillity can prevail if a man keeps tolerance in every area of life and society. Excitation, agitation and unrest can get neutralized by practising an attitude of tolerance.

Nowadays certain sections of people across different parts of the world are subjected to communal violence. Some persons try to provoke ordinary citizen to create disturbance out of communal feeling. Those unlawful cunning persons try to satisfy their own interest by way of generating a disturbance in any country.

So, Tolerance is much important for the country and society today. One must have respect for the religious beliefs of others. Often harmful rumours also spread communalism. General people don't try to verify the authenticity of the rumours and get agitated. Moreover, religious sentimentalism is much sensitive and man gets easily influenced by it. So, they society. Therefore, the relevance of tolerance for society is unquestionable today. One can have control over oneself with tolerance. Likewise one can have control over others also with tolerant behaviour. 

Our country is known to be tolerant of others. Here the people have been tolerant towards each other. A feeling of togetherness is prevalent throughout the country. So it had been possible to maintain peace in the country. Persons from early student-life must value tolerance. Problems, differences and disputes between persons, states and other sections of the society can be solved properly in an atmosphere of tolerance. Tolerance is good quality and everybody must try to develop this properly.  

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