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Environmental Pollution


The Editor,

New Delhi

Subject: Environmental Pollution


Please allow me to focus through the columns of your esteemed daily on the problem of environmental pollution. Pollution occurs as a result of too much industrialization, emission of smoke from boilers, furnaces, etc, exhausts of automobiles, falling trees, and rotten garbage. Along with these burning of fuels generate carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Green trees with their leaves purify the air but the wide-scale destruction of green trees has increased the percentage of these poisonous gases. These gases spread all over the atmosphere and cause great damage to the health of living beings, Moreover, a large number of industrial wastes are discharged into rivers polluting the water. So we, the residents of towns and industrial areas have been suffering a lot.

therefore, the Govt should take necessary antipollution measures in urban and industrial areas. Proper measures must be taken to decrease and control pollution so that human beings, animals, and plants remain healthy and free from diseases. The problem of pollution must be solved immediately for society. Also, it is high time to create strong public opinion through your editorial column.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

A.J. Bose

Saha Colony

New Delhi.

Date: 03.02.2020

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