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Dowry System in India


The Editor,

The City News,

New Delhi.

Subject: Evils of Dowry System


I crave the hospitality of your esteemed daily to congratulate you on the publication of a timely and eye-opening report on the evils of the dowry system in India. I fully agree with you that nothing worth the name has been done to do away with the age-old dowry system which carries many young women every year.

Dowry consists of the money and other items of property that parents give away to their daughters at the time of their marriage. The dowry system is a curse for the poor parents. It causes a lot of suffering to the girls as well as their parents. It has ruined the conjugal lives of many brilliant girls. Sometimes the girls commit suicide when their in-laws persecute them to bring more and more money from their parents.

The dowry system is a hydra-headed evil. It should be fought by means of the process not only legal also but rules social and economic and restrictions too. Women should be properly educated so that they might grow conscious of their rights, prestige, and dignity and can reject outright the young men who will marry for dowry. All-out efforts should be made to make women economically independent.

Some crimes related to the dowry system with its attendant terrible effects are reported to the govt at the earliest convenience but the govt so far has not taken effective steps to check the anti-social activities.

Yours truly

A. Gupta

Baha Nagar

New Delhi

Date: 12.05.2020

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