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Spoken English

Spoken English

One can write good English. One may correct English. To write correctly one has to be grammatically error-free. But the person who writes properly may not speak fluently. It's often noticed that good writers are not good speakers of English. There are various reasons for this drawback. Whenever one tries to speak a foreign language one becomes much self-conscious. If a person becomes much attentive to the grammar that case that person gets distracted from the subject matter which requires to be told or discussed. So the person can't find the suitable words and it becomes speak differently. So the pronunciation also differs from country to country. English people give stress to certain letters and syllables. They also put importance on the accent. But some other languages put stress on different letters or syllables.

So, whenever one foreigner wants to speak English, that person may not get accustomed to pronounce the words with proper accents and stress. It's often noticed that a person unconsciously tries to impose the native style of pronunciation if he wants to speak English. If some letters of both languages emanate also the same sound the problem increases. One must realize that speaking is related to the sound effect and therefore the letters must be studied in respect to their relation to producing certain sounds.

Moreover, a foreigner who wants to express something in English must pay attention to certain words which are sufficient to convey a message. One must try to use short sentences to make the ideas clear. There are some words and some expressions which are frequently used for day-to-day transactions. So, one who wants to be a good speaker must master those words, groups of words, and expressions. It is not desirable that one may speak wrong English but one must use short sentences and expressions correctly in speaking. One must be confident to speak English in an acceptable manner.

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