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Letter writing about homeless people


The Editor,

The City News,

New Delhi,

Subject: Improvement of the condition of the homeless people


Please allow me to bring to public notice my suggestions of some measures for the improvement of the condition of the homeless people in our area.

There are many homeless people in this area. They have no fixed occupations. All-day long they do this or that to satisfy their hunger. At night they sleep here and there some on the footpaths and others in the Railway platforms even in the winter and rainy season.

These homeless people must be provided with permanent dwelling places in the interest of social health. The government should build cheap houses and distribute them gratis among the homeless people. Secondly, provision should be made for their permanent source of income. They should be provided with adequate funds with which they can set up industries like paper bags, candle-making matchmaking, dhoop making, etc.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Dr. A. Jain

New Delhi


Date - 02.01.2020

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