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Light on Yoga Book by B K S Iyengar

Light on Yoga
B. K. S. Iyengar

Light on Yoga(Yoga Dipika) is a book full of yoga poses and postures. This book widely described and detailed information shared about many yoga technics. 

The author described over 200 postures and 14 breathing exercises in detail.

The book was written in English language and has some good knowledge of The Arts, Sports, Yoga, Pranayama, Kriya, Bandha, Yogasanas, Asanas, and many more.

Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar is an Indian teacher and popularizer of ancient Yoga. He taught Hatha Yoga, breathing control, meditation technics on a regular basis.

AuthorB. K. S. Iyengar
ContributorYehudi Menuhin
File TypePDF
Released Date1966
File Size34.1 MB

Sample text from the book: (Auto-generated text)

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yug meaning to bind, join, attach and yoke, to direct and concentrate one’s attention on, to use and apply. It also means union or communion. It is the true union of our will with the will of God. Tt thus means,’ says Mahadev Desai in his introduction to the Gita according to Gandht, ‘the yoking of all the powers of body, mind and soul to God; it means the disciplining of the intellect, the mind, the emotions, the will, which that Yoga presupposes; it means a poise of the soul which enables one to look at life in all its aspects evenly.’

Book Summary: 

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