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Summary of Intuition and Genius

Para 1: Creative work in any discipline gets inspired by the intuitive experience. Intuitive perception is well developed in exceptional minds. Intuitive life or spiritual wisdom is achieved at the highest range of mental life. Scientific discoveries are possible only due to the inventive genius of creative thinkers. A new, unknown and strange truth comes into being all of a sudden spontaneously due to the intense and controlling idea when a wealth of unarranged details get properly arranged and become a perfect whole. Genius is an absolute sensibility to the truth. Scientific discovery is also like an artistic creation. Faraday's electromagnetic speculations are more the product of revelation than the product of only reasoning. A new law in mathematics is intuitive like a composition in music by Mozart. Mathematical discoveries are more or less artistic intuitions. There is a mathematical beauty in the harmony of numbers and forms of geometric elegance. There is a real aesthetic feeling in it. The most useful and effective combinations are also the most beautiful.

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