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Essay on side effect of pandemic 2021

The Evil Side of Pandemic 2021

In history, there are some big tragedies that happened many times. Mostly the human being was affected and has got some serious issues. Every pandemic taught us many new things. Sometimes it was bad for some kind of people and sometimes it was beneficial for some people on earth.

Pandemic comes in many times with many forms. Mainly, pandemics starts in a few people first then started spread all others. Few people survived and few lost their life. Black Death(1346 - 1353) is the biggest pandemic in the world in history. According to Wikipedia, In this time approx. 75 - 200 million people died. 

Doctors and researchers call it a pandemic when disease kills more than one million people and affected more than that. As per the latest report, Covid-19 kills around 5-19 million people around the world and the number will be increased before ending this current pandemic. Covid - 19 placed number sixth as per the number of deaths.

In a pandemic, many people died. many people broke down for no resources to survive. A pandemic comes with many unhappy stories, unexpected things. People lost their family members. A pandemic always comes with so many unexpected situations.

In the future, we will fight against covid - 19. Our best doctors and researchers made some vaccines to protect from the corona virus. Also, we have some other vaccines to protect from Spanish Flu, Plague, chickenpox, etc.

Human is the most intelligent species on earth. Humans can evolve and survive in pandemic, earthquake, Strome, and others that human has no control. In the future may some other kind of bacteria waiting for us. But humans can fight and survive.

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