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warriors of coronavirus

Warriors of Coronavirus

Years long, Coronavirus litterly change everything. Human life is the most affected one on earth. Other species like Lions, dogs, and cats are also affected by Coronavirus. It was unexpected to the human.

People of all countries were realized the situation. The situation is very critical. Critical for the modern world. There are a few ways to solve the problem and stop this dangerous human-killing virus.

There are many worries for human civilization. Human civilization may be becoming to an end if we did not defeat it. To defeat this killer virus we have to work hard and find out the best way. 

But before finding out the best solution or best way to defeat this virus there are many people who fight against coronavirus. They are known as warriors of coronavirus. They are the warriors who save people at their life risk. They fight for others. They are doctors, medical people, researchers.

We salute those who work their duty properly, who save others' life, supply oxygen, food, and other necessary things to survive in this pandemic.

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