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Preparation of Luchies

It is very difficult to find a Bengalee who does not like Luchies. For the preparation of eight Luchies one cup flour, a little amount of oil or ghee and salt are necessary. First, these are mixed together well and some water is then added to the mixture in order to form a dough or from a dough or an unbaked thick mixture. Next, eight small balls are made from the dough, and the balls are flattened on board with a rolling pin to give them thin thin round shapes. After this, some oil or ghee is heated in a hot pan or an oven. The dies shaped thin doughs are then put into the pan one by one when the hot oil or ghee starts sizzlings. They are dipped well into the hot liquid. After deep frying the ‘Luchies’ are token out and served hot. 

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