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Desktop Jobs and process

Any processing by computer is done by a program that is developed by somebody or a group of people. The steps of running a job are as follows:

1. If the program exists, run it according to its operating procedures, else develop the program and start from this step. [Existing programs are normally recorded in a secondary storage media] To run the program one has to know the program name and location. Put the correct pack in the machine, select or type the name and path of the program and execute. Once the program starts executing, the messages, the inputs, and the outputs will be controlled by the program being run.

2. The program would ask for data as programmed that either is typed from the keyboard or entered through a file in a floppy or hard disk or CD computer it is usually programmed to read the data directly through transducers fitted to physical happenings. (Like chemical flow in a tube etc.)

3. The messages required for human-computer interactions (appropriately planned by the programmer(s)) are given by the computer in its monitor. the results are given by the computer in the monitor or printer or plotter or any special device as directed in the program. For process control, the output may be in the form of control to machines or some physical happenings.

4. For bulk output of results that are used in future processing, the output is sent to one of the bulk storage devices (floppy, hard disk, Solid State Drive, etc.)

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