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Nowadays smartphones are a necessary thing that everyone should have. There are many gadgets we have but the most usable and most necessary thing is a smartphone. There are a lot of reasons that no one wants to consider when it comes to smartphone usage. According to a new study it is estimated that 5.07 billion people around the world use phones. A smartphone can solve many problems easily and quickly. That is the reason people loves to use a smartphone. There are also have some other reasons that motivate people to carry this smart gadget. 

There are some good benefits that make a smartphone very special. Using this device we can easily pay electric bills, book a car or bus or buy a railway ticket. Through this advanced device, we can also take pictures, videos and instantly share them on social media. We can talk with someone through the video calling feature. These instant features make a smartphone very special and undoubtedly essential.

There are also have some bad effect that comes with a smartphone. Using a smartphone students get the most affected. They played video games a lot. It will affect their education and physical health. 

Sometimes we have to compromise to get some benefits. This gadget has some bad effects and also has some good benefits. If we use this gadget in the right way we can do some good things in our life.

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