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The Person Who Inspires You the Most

Every successful person has a mentor. They follow someone who inspired them the most. One of my mentors is Elon Mask. He is the man who fights very tight and builds his own empire. He had some failer in his early stage of business. But he overtakes all the failers, broken hearts, and finally meets with his destination. A lot of inspiring stories he had and those stories teach me many aspects of a business. Also, teach me How an ordinary man becomes a successful businessman and in terms of money, he is the world's richest man. People have to choose a perfect mentor according to their dream or destination. Like if I want to become a successful book author then I have to follow and study Famous writers - Rabindranath Tagore, William Wordsworth. Or if I want to become a filmmaker then definitely I have to study Mrinal Sen, Rittik Ghatak, Satyajit Ray, and more. Their films are like a book, a study guide on how to make a film. Meanwhile, I want to become a successful businessman that is why I prefer to choose Elon Mask because in my thought and eye he is the perfect example of a successful businessman.

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