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one day picnic

One Day Picnic

Everyone wants to go far from home and stay for a day or more. Everybody wants to enjoy their life in a different way for one day. The reason is to take a break for a day in their daily life and enjoy something different. This is human nature and it is normal.

Picnic is very famous events and also a get-together where some specific people are allowed. Picnic means travel somewhere and staying there for a few hours and then back to home. In these few hours, people enjoy the picnic spot and others areas also. They are doing some interesting things which are memorable for a long time.

Last year I decided to join my local neighbors with my family in a picnic. In winter I went for a picnic in Lilua, an amazing place for a picnic. The location is situated beside the river.  We went to the spot at 9am. Then we decided to go around the place. So, we got an opportunity to take a bath in the river and we did it. We take a bath and we swim for more than hours.

Then we all complete our lanch. Our Ramu Kaka cooks all the delicious dishes. He cooked Fried rice, Mutton, Nun puri, Chana, Chutney, Rosogolla, Papad, and our lanch end with a Sweet Paan.

After completing the launch, we all decided to go to a park situated in five hundred meters. Park was furnished full of different flowers. Some of the flowers are imported from foreign. All the activities, we back to home. That day was one of the best days of my life.

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