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Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a great virtue of man. It is essentially required for the man to grow in all respects. In fact, a man becomes complete with all the attributes if he has self-confidence within him. One must clearly know the meaning of self-confidence. If a person truly believes in himself he is said to be a self-confident person. If one thinks that he can do any kind of hard job and tackle any kind of difficult situations., he is deemed to be a self-confident person. A child can't blossom fully without the gift of self-confidence. In a company If a person is highly confident with himself, he is respected both by his seniors and the subordinates. Moreover, a self-confident person possesses the ability to get a job done by others. He can motivate and inspire others to perform their jobs in the most efficient manner. If one starts a business, the person shows enough self-confidence. If one believes in himself others are bound to believe him. So, it's obvious that a person with enough self-confidence can prosper in business.

Famous scientists, inventors, discoverers, explorers, and innovators had much self-confidence in themselves. They were often misunderstood by the general public. They were ignored and neglected by the public also but they were never depressed and remained attentive to their respective jobs. So, they finally succeeded in their manoeuvers. Thus they contributed immensely to society. The world became indebted to them. 

If one lacks self-confidence he must try to overcome the deficiency. One may find out the weakness within oneself at first and then one must try to do away with those weaknesses as a continuous process. It is certain that the person will have those weaknesses as a continuous process. It is certain that the person will be able to get success with his jobs. As soon as a person gets success he becomes confident. If that person continues to become successful he becomes self-confident. But one must not be overconfident.  

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