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bad road condition


The Editor

Daily News

Delhi - 110013

Subject: Bad Road Condition


Through your daily newspaper, I like to draw attention to the concerned authorities. Past eight months my local people suffer from bad road conditions. There is only one main road that connects my area to the main city market. The people of this area are local sales, vendors office people. They have to go to the main city market for their daily duty.

But they are getting late on an everyday basis because of the condition of the road. In the last rainy season, roads become most dangerous for bike riders, van drivers, truck drivers, and bus drivers. Many small and big accidents happened because of the road. But our concerned authorities have no headache. They have no responsibilities for the people of this area.

I request the concerned authorities to take a step and repair and reconstruct this main road of my area. Although, It will beneficial for the local residents and as well as for the people who use this road to travel.

I hope that through your newspaper I draw attention and my suggestion would be accepted as soon as possible.

Your truly,

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