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lockdown days at home

Lockdown Days at Home

The world is suffering from an unfamiliar virus which is dangerous for human civilization and other species also. In history, humans attacked by many harmful viruses many times. But humans survived because of intelligence. Man has the ability to solve problems and survive.

Recently Covid-19 pandemic started in the whole world. The daily life of people of many countries just stopped. They locked at home. They are not allowed to out of home and spend time as a normal day. They can't even be doing their job, business, daily works to survive. People have not allowed earning money go outside of the home and arrange some food for their families.

At this time, many people doing business stay at home. Like the others, my father has lost his job three months ago. That is why my father and my older brother decided to make jam at home.

Jam is easy to make at home. I help them to make jam. When I have free time, I use to pack all the jam jars for the delivery. My brother contacted all the local sellers and online stores. He shifts all the jam jars to the local sellers and online stores.

Doing all these when I get some free time I use to play some local folk music. I love to listen to music when I have free time. Many people prefer to listen to music at work but personally, I prefer doing one thing at a time. Multitasking is not my choice.

My school teachers take online classes. I follow them and listen to them very carefully. It was kind of boring but at home spending time is challenging. Our school teachers are very helpful. They take all the questions from students who have doubts.

In all these things, One thing I really enjoyed is that three-time in a day I take meals with my all family members. We talk a lot about the current situation and the future and in this way I spend my lockdown days at home.

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