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My Friend Fallen Sick

Rahul is my best friend in my class. He always plays with me. She lives next to my house. But a few days ago he fell ill with an unknown fever. Many doctors have checked him but no one is finding a solution. Because of that, I stopped going to school. We were all just wondering what happened to her and how to get her back to normal. It takes 5 days to think about all this.

One day we all took Rahul to the new doctor. After a ten-minute deep examination, the doctor replied don't worry. The doctor gave a list of what to eat and when to eat. The doctor advised me to stay the night with Rahul and talk about old memories and inspire him. Because he had lost his will and his last hope.

After three days, Rahul began to recover slowly. The fever is gone and he is back to normal. Rahul's parents and I and my family were also happy. A few more days passed, Rahul became absolutely normal. We started going to school and reading storybooks and playing football together. At the same time, our friendship became stronger.

It was a time when not only Rahul but I also broke my heart. I was thinking about Rahul's health and well-being all the time. But eventually, he recovered and we began to enjoy a normal life.

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