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quarantine days at home with family paragraph

Spending Quarantine days with my Family

As a student, I have to do a lot of things. In the morning I read my study books then I have to prepare for going to school. Schooling time is one of my favorite times. Because in that period of time I meet my all school friends. Many of them are my best friends. With my friends, a lot to share, a lot to do. After school time ending I have to go to tuition for more study. All this end, I came home after 7:30 PM. Then eat some healthy food and take rest myself.

But all these are changed when the covid-19 pandemic started. Covid-19 change my daily life. As a student, I have to go to school but now the situation changed drastically. Nowadays I spend my schooling time at home. My school teachers take classes online. I don't have to go to school now. 

Quarantine gives me an opportunity to spend maximum time with my parents, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, grandfather, and grand maa. All-day I listed stories from my grandma. She has such amazing stories. The stories about great kings like Ashoka, Chandra Gupta Moria, and Bharata. I learn about many Indian historic events from my grandma. Sometimes, I felt confused about how she know all these historic events and how she remembers them.

My grandfather teaches me how to grow a home garden. He spends time with his trees. He grows a whole garden. Some of the trees have seasonal blossoms. I love to plant trees. The grandfather helps me to plant 2 mango trees, 5 roses, and 3 jackfruits.

I remember an event on Sunday. I made tea for my father and grandfather. They appreciate me a lot.

I love to spend more time with my family. I never had the opportunity to spend more time with my family. On these quarantine days, I enjoy it a lot. Make some memorable stories.

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