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The Gram Pradhan,



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Subject: Seeking a Tubewell in the village


        We take the liberty of drawing your attention to the great problem we are facing regarding drinking water. As you know, the population of this area including Joyrampur and Karimpore has been increasing by leaps and bounds. There is no tap water system and the people have to depend on ponds. In the best of times, these are unhygienic and unsafe even for domestic use let alone for drinking purposes. In summer, the ponds dry up and the people suffer untold hardships. The scarcity of water becomes very acute and the villagers have to walk a long distance to the next village to fill in their pitchers. There are two hundred families in our village and with such an acute Water problem there is every chance that an epidemic may break out any time. It is unfortunate that nothing worth the name has been done to meet the primary needs of the people.

We feel that the sinking of a few Tubewells would alleviate this continuing hardship of the people to a great extent.

We, therefore, request you to exercise your power for sinking a few Tubewells in the village to save us from this alarming situation. 

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully,

Your Name

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