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Usefulness of Travel

Wanderlust is inherent in the nature of man. A person likes to travel within one's own country and beyond it. The thrill, adventure, and happiness of travel can't be described, it has to be felt. Moreover, travel is also extremely useful to human beings in many ways.

From the down to human civilization man is known to travel. Earlier, the man had to travel to find food and shelter. Many desperate and most courageous people endangered their lives for the purpose of discovering different countries. Thus they discovered the routes connecting one country to another through land and water. One also got acquainted with different people and cultures in that manner. So, travelling is most necessary for the spread of cultures throughout the world. Trade and business also increase through travel. Thus, crops, grains, food products, consumer goods and other manufactured articles get distributed globally.

Travelling makes one truly educated. Theoretical knowledge is never complete in itself. Knowledge gets its fullness only if travelling becomes part and parcel of education. when a student takes educational trips to various places the learning becomes proper. Moreover, one becomes broadened in mind and spirit by travelling. One becomes generous also as a consequence of travelling. Earlier many travellers from different countries visited our country to get proper knowledge and it was spread to other countries also.

The knowledge which one gets in schools, colleges and other educational institutions is limited in nature. The vast world is there to provide everybody with the extended knowledge which makes a complete human being. so, travel is most useful and beneficial to the human being.

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