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Literacy Campaigns

Our country is known to be the largest democratic country in the world. But one must feel extremely sorry to know that most of the people in our country are still illiterate. Therefore, literacy campaigns are much essential to spread literacy and education among all people. A man can't live by beard only. One person has a mind and the mind must be fed properly. so education is needed to serve that purpose.

It is noted that most of the inhabitants of our country are villagers and illiteracy is rampantly found there. On account of impoverishment, the villagers can't afford to get the proper education. Often the students have to leave the education before completing their studies. Children are constrained to engage themselves as child laborers to bear the burden of their families. Education must be provided free of cost to the students. Literacy campaigns are aimed to get the adult persons educated along with these students who have to drop out from schools and colleges.

Often the villagers get busy in the day in relation to the work of agriculture. So, it is better to provide them education in the evening. the children can also get an education there. They must know that an illiterate person gets cheated much easily. They are also subjected to exploitation. So, proper education can save them from getting victimized by fraudulent people and cunning money lenders. They might get interested to use banks and recognized financial institutions instead of borrowing money from private money lenders. Moreover, illiterate people are much superstitious. So, their development gets stalled. They also don't try to take the advantage of modern science and technology. They can be properly conscious of their health also. They may know how to maintain a proper lifestyle. Literacy campaigns may be arranged at different places in villages. It must be noted that the persons get real interest towards the literacy programs. There are many illiterate people in towns also. So, literacy campaigns are needed in towns and cities also. Literacy campaigns provide education in an informal way. But the procedure is much effective to provide the necessary education to illiterate people. The literacy campaigns must spread across the country.

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