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the uses of internet in modern life

The Uses of the Internet in Modern Life

Modern life without the Internet is unthinkable. The word 'Internet' is the short form of the words International Network. It is clear that the whole world is linked with a network. Satellites are also much involved in making the connections easier. Information technology is highly developed nowadays and pieces of information of any kind and nature can be transmitted through the Internet. Trade, business, and financial transactions of various kinds have become much easier and efficient on account of the Internet. banking transaction is specifically remarkable in respect of using the internet to serve the customers. One can either book or cancel a ticket for a train or plane journey simply sitting at the comfort of one's home by using the Internet. It is much common to study relevant chapters of a book or document from one's home or a cyber corner. One is not compelled to but the whole book to go through it. Even, each student can attempt classes through the internet, prepare for the exam and take an exam to stay at home.

Moreover, if one wants to get form or proforma, it can easily be obtained from the internet. One can submit filled-up forms also through the internet. Information regarding any particular subject can be interchanged between any place throughout the world by the use of the internet. The cost of traveling can be avoided altogether if the internet is used properly. Internet is much cheaper than paper. Using the internet to maintain all the documents now is much easier. This is much beneficial for students. Further, home shopping has become common due to the internet. One can put the order over the internet and get the product delivered to the doorstep.

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