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Home Made Ghee

Ghee, it is also spelled as ghi. In Sanskrit, it is spelled ghrta. Back in time, Ghee is also known as "liquid gold" first began in 1500 - 500 BCE.

Ghee is clarified butter, extracted from cow milk. It has a long history. Mainly ghee is originated in ancient India. From ancient times, the cow is a secret animal in India. Indians believe that the cow is a part of god. They worship a cow as a god.

In ancient India when the production of milk is rising, people tried to stock them. Because milk is a kind of food that extends a few hours. After that, it can't be an eatable food for human beings.

In ancient times people are looking for a way to preserve that extra milk for reuse after 3 days. They are looking for the perfect solution. 

Finally, they found a good way and even healthy way to preserve extra milk for the future. Even, good quality ghee can be usable after 10 years as a medicine. Today, many Indian families store home make cow milk ghee for future use.

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