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good and bad personality

Good and Bad qualities of a Person

Every human being has some sort of intelligence. Intelligence helps to survive in a tough situations and learn from them. When comes to the qualities of a person it is divided into two parts. One is good qualities which are desired the most. Another is bad qualities which are ignored the most. Qualities define a person's future. Future, that is the aim and dream of a sensible person. 

Good qualities are always good for the person and society. Because people make a society for a living. If good people make a good comfortable society other society follows their rules. They make rules like a good society does. Good society runs by some men with full of good qualities. It helps young people to make a good character and live a good life.

Bad qualities are always avoided by the good qualities. But every person has both qualities. Sometimes need good to show something, and sometimes need bad to learn something. That is the way of life to live and share thoughts and precious knowledge with the next generation. But people have to avoid bad things, and qualities and accept the good. 

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